We are Qwellcode

Building for Decentraland since the beginning. Creators of Chainbreakers.io

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Professional VR Experiences

During the last two years we were working on different Decentraland prototypes and experiences.

The Ross Ulbricht Experience

We created a web3 experience for Digitible (get access) featuring a skyscraper with nft based floor access.
(December 2019)

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Chain breaker Museum

This project utilizes Chainbreakers assets, official NFT integrations, object interactivity and a web3 connector.
(September 2019)

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This WebVR strategy-rpg is created by Qwellcode and will be released as Decentraland launch title.
(Work in Progress)

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Etheremon VR

This group effort was presented by Esteban Ordano during the NIFTY conference in Hong Kong.
(July 2018)

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Gear 'em Down

Pre-SDK prototype using a UNITY backend which outputs were mirrored to the Browser.
(March 2018)

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